ATC Cordless Phone Battery of / for GE 25838GE3-A,25839GE3-A,25839GE3-B,25840GE3-A,25841GE3-A,25859GE1-A,25859GE3,25860GE3


Voltage:3.6V Capacity: 800mAh
Fits Motorola: E30,E31,E32,E33,C70,MA300,MA303,MA350,MA351,MA352,MA354,MA354,MA356 Phones
Replaces STB-912,STB912 batteries
Brand New Replacement Product, Works as Genuine Parts Motorola: E30, E31, E32, E33, C70, MA300, MA303, MA350, MA351, MA352, MA354, MA354, MA356, MA357, MA360, MA361, MA362, MD41, MD451, MD461, MD471, MD481, MD491, MA500, MA550, MA551, MA560, MA561, MA580, MA581, MD550, MD670, MD70, MD71, MD700, MD750, MD751, MD760, MD761, MD781, MD791, MD7001, MD7081, MD7091, MD481SYS, MD451SYS, Classic, Princess, MA-300, MA-303, MA-350, MA-351, MA-352, More »

Posted by Mike Zkhan on 9 December

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